Monday, March 18, 2013

lots to look at

I was running low on barn board so visited Handley Lumber while in Fenelon Falls recently. Eureka! I spotted 16-ft. planks that were gray on both sides and a man willing to sell them to me in lengths that would fit into my Honda Civic.

["The old mill is still open for business"]

I also found a fading mural on the far side of the mill that depicted scenes from Fenelon Falls past, featuring lumbermen, their activities and river scenes connected to the waterway 100 yards from the mill and where I stood.

["Local history and related murals can be pretty interesting"]

The eyes of one bearded man seemed to follow me as I walked toward the neatly stacked rows of lumber.

["Uncle Louie?"]

I stared back and thought, I do have relatives in the area. I wonder if... ?

["Do you see a resemblance?"]

I went home with a trunkful of classic lumber and found more to look at than first imagined. A very good trip, I say.

Photos by GH


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