Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (3).

Or Not.

[Photo: Erie was perfect for boating and bobbing two days ago]

The first series of photos related to 'big and blustery' Port Bruce revealed an angry side to the north shore of Lake Erie. Sunday (Sept. 17), however, was a boater's delight. And taking a dip came with no risks, unless I dropped my camera while bobbing along in the lake, head above the calm surface.

Photos from along the way:

Fashion Statement.

 Stay Clam

Follow this path to Pleasant Valley.

Please link to Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (2).

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (2).

Stay Clam : )

[Photo: Great day for bob, bob, bobbin along in Lake Erie]

Conditions were not big or blustery in Pt. Bruce yesterday. More like sweet  and "I wished I could have stayed longer but I had jobs waiting for me in the workshop."

However, my journey via Virago followed the same line as last week: A stop on the wee bridge on Edgeware Line, just east of Highway 74, so see if I could spot Mr. Snap Turtle. Then passed my favourite barn. Lastly, a stop at The Corner View for a BLT and Key Lime ice cream cone.

Because weather and water conditions were great, I added a dip in Lake Erie to the menu. Among the photos below will be seen a few taken while I bobbed in the water.

 What is that under the bridge? I had to look twice.

 Mud Swallow nests attached to drainage pipe.

 A quiet stream makes an interesting canvas

 One sees deep blue sea and sky to the west

 Faded colours to the south

 World famous pier, as seen from the north shore of Erie.

 As seen from the water.

 Gord's 1994 Virago on the right.

 Well used. Swimming trunks hang from the hand grip (throttle), left : )

 Three gulls glide by, one flattened out like a saucer.

 Go for the views, stay for the BLTs and Key Lime ice cream : )

Two of my favs from Sunday at the Bruce:

Please link to Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (1).

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Port Bruce: Big and Blustery (1).

Go Slow and Enjoy the View.

[Photo: Side road, wee bridge - south of Mapleton]

Summer slipped by quickly. Zip.

As daily temperatures cool I will be watching very closely for good motorcycle weather. In the past I often declared to Pat, "Anything above 10 degrees is fine by me" and just wore a heavier jacket and good leather gloves. And red long johns. Same recipe is true for at least the next two months.

Fall displays of colour can be spectacular when viewed from a bike. I keep my eyes open for 'the unusual' and was not disappointed during last Monday's ride.

Photos from along the way:

 Narrow creek held a rare surprise.

Fat old snapper is outgrowing its shell!

Blustery day at Port Bruce:

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Dark Side of the Moon. (2)

[Photo: I placed a canvas in the sand, and played with shadows.]

I arrived in Port Bruce before the eclipse began, but because I'd stopped along the way (to take photos of my favourite barn, and elderberry bushes, and asparagus plants going to seed) I was hungry, hot and dusty - so I gobbled down a BLT, then jumped into the lake for a swim.

After the dip I set up a small canvas on the beach, took out binoculars and camera from a backpack, and focussed on the work at hand - i.e., snapping a few shots of an eclipse of the sun.

 Monday p.m. - Shadows visit the north shore of Lake Erie.

 I don't need no fancy telescope or expensive camera!

 Shadows look like a curious bird in a mask.

 Here's looking at you, Kid.

 My last frame. It was hot - so into the lake I went!

"Gord's Workshop. Barnboard Birdhouses and More."

Was it a great ride?

The Shadow knows!

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